"Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world"

Harriet Tubman

Diana Jaworski

As a child I had a dream of using my gifts and talents to encourage and motivate others to be the best they can be.  Through my personal and professional growth journey, I have been able to make this dream come true.  I have been blessed to travel to many parts of this beautiful world to offer words of inspiration and hope while equipping others with the tools necessary to assist them in their own growth journey.  

You Can Make A Difference!

It's true that I've been told many times that I wouldn't amount to much.  I'm so glad I did not believe this!  And if someone has told you the same thing, you should not believe it either!  God has designed each of us with so many wonderful gifts and talents and has called us to let them shine.  I help others discover those gifts and talents and how they can let their light shine.

Don't allow anyone to dull your sparkle.  You have so much to give and the world is waiting!

I am a Christian.  Loving God and following His Word is my heart's desire.  And with this desire comes along the responsibility of encouraging others to live towards their full God-given potential.  No matter your background or situation, you can choose to maximize your life by living to your utmost potential.  The choice is yours. 

Are YOU Ready?!

Are you ready?  Are you ready to focus for success?  Are you ready to let your light shine?  If so, I would love to come along side you to help you do just that.  With my background and experience, I can assist you in moving forward to a life full of possibilities.

A Bit About Me

Born on the island of Puerto Rico, my family and I traveled to New York when I was seven years old.  I have been living here now for 42 years.  Yes, you added that correctly...I'm 49 years old!  I'm not ashamed to share my age because it has been 49 wonderful years on this earth that I have been given to grow, glow and go!  

My favorite past time now is spending time with my my two beautiful grandchildren.  What a beautiful experience this is!

I currently work as Human Resources at my local school district.  Working in the school district for the past 18 years has given me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and face each challenge with a positive mindset.  The lessons learned I now share through my public speaking and coaching moments. 

For over the past 15 years I have enjoyed traveling throughout the USA, Canada and India encouraging others to reach their potential by conducting keynote speaking presentations, seminars, workshops, women's ministry leadership and creativity training.  I was blessed to be a member of the women's ministries executive committee for the North American Division and women's ministries director for the New York Conference.    

Becoming a certified member of the John Maxwell Team has allowed me to acquire coaching tools to help others be the best they can be!

References Available Upon Request

NADWM - Thank You Letter [click here to view]

I presented "These Chains Don't Work!" at the North American Division Women's Congress in Orlando, FL, September 2014. Carla Baker, the Women's Ministries Director for this division at this time, sent me this Thank You letter. 

It was a pleasure to serve at this congress.

Come Out of Your Shell!

Born on an island, I love the ocean. I love to observe and learn valuable life lessons from the creatures that live there. One of these creatures is the Hermit Crab. As a Hermit Crab grows, it will need to change shells when they outgrow the old ones. I find this so fascinating and what beautiful lessons I have learned from this. It's a risky move for the hermit to come out of his shell. It becomes vulnerable. But it knows change is necessary for growth.

Among the many lessons I can learn is that in order to grow in any area, we need to get out of our shell, comfort-zone. It is not easy to step out of our shell and do things that are unfamiliar or new for us. This takes courage. But it can be done! Yes You Can! 

 Begin today to get out of your shell by:

S ~ Starting your day envisioning success! A positive mindset will inspire a positive attitude and positive results.
H - Harvesting all your gifts and talents. Learn ways to share them with others.
E - Educating yourself. We each carry our own set of character and personality traits. Therefore, attend educational and motivational classes, workshops, seminars, etc., that will help you learn more about yourself and what strategies will work best for you to get out of your shell.
L - Living in the moment. Be aware of obstacles and fears that keep you from stepping out of your comfort zone at this moment. Write those down. Why are they holding you back? How can you overcome them? Begin working on on this list today.
L - Learn to laugh! Risk taking will involve failure and set backs but do not be discouraged. Learn from your mishap and laugh. Laughter will ease the uncomfortable situation and promote a healthy and positive outlook.

The Hermit Crab knows that in order to grow he needs to leave his old shell behind. Once he gets out of his old to live in the new, he makes himself comfortable. But not too comfortable. There's more growing to do!